Technique lessons with Veronica Palacios will mean a “before and after” in your understanding of roles in tango that she thinks cannot lack of art and beauty.


Veronica approaches this proposal from a very particular place, as from her own words: ”technique begins at the very right moment that you decide going dancing, not just when you are dancing” From this key point, she starts developing all sort of very interesting concepts worth learning.


She has a very study-related personality, not just to improve internally the sensations of the movements in tango, but also to transmit in a very unique and creative way the conscience of body language that each tanguero and tanguera should incorporate with wisdom to be invited to dance, to progress on the search of expressing the best out of our selves giving the chance to communicate with freedom and conscience with our body.


She will also teach the way and secrets to make more sensual and elegant all the movements of women, activating points in our body that we would not even imagine to use in order to give power to our “shapes”.

Studying with Veronica is a very unique experience that we strongly recommend to make.


She is a teacher that provides a warranty of quality given by her conceptual clarity as much as for her “corporal” knowledge that other disciplines have also given to her.


Veronica considers as a very important starting point to make connection with our own “woman and men” that have decided to dance tango and depart from there to understand and express ourselves. She works in an integral way fiscal subjects such as: balance in tango, gravity center, key moments of reaction, from where we should be doing all the main movements, body articulation, musicality and feet reaction among others. She will connect us with the best version of our “tango persona” and also with the real essence of tango; product of her own experience in tango from 1999 in Buenos Aires from where she has being working nonstop gaining even more experience around the world since then in schools and several festivals. She strongly believes that dancing is an act of freedom, creativity, love and wildness, inherent concepts, naturally in this our universe….



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© 2018 BeTFest Tbilisi. All Rights Reserved.